• Joshua Coleman

Podcast Announcement: When The "Wolf Talks"

Purple Wolf Global Media is proud to announce its newest creation in an effort to bring independent art and music to the people who will enjoy it most. Premiering in January; a podcast that centers around art and culture in the Albuquerque/Santa Fe area. The podcast will feature musicians on the record label along with artists, authors and creative contributors of all types.

In our broadcasting of diversity we want to create a fresh perspective relevant across generations where all art is equal and we will connect the underlying stories that cross every different type of artist.

The episodes will be 30 minutes in length and each will contain an artist interview and will bring exposure to an artistic event in our area that warrants our exposure. Our goal as the podcast team is to create a vivid picture that draws on the similarities we all have as people and hopefully in some way or another provide useful insights to help everyone navigate their lives in any profession or setting. "Wolf Talks" will be globally available on iTunes, Spotify and most other streaming media.

I am so excited that this has come together and I am very pleased to introduce the show-runner for our new creation, their name is Beth Inkwell. Inkwell was born in NYC and raised in the small town of Truth Or Consequences, NM.  From time spent in the Canterbury Choral Society in NYC, to guiding burgeoning voice actors and rubbing shoulders with artists and producers in the online lofi community, they've gotten a breadth of experience in the world of voice and audio. Always on the fringes of Albuquerque's music scene, they've become acquainted with some of the musicians here in Tamale-wood. They're always up for a good story and hope to help artists more fully introduce themselves to the public and gain new fans.

As we are publicly announcing the podcast we are also looking for sponsors and advertisers. If you own a business in the Albuquerque/Santa Fe area and your ad meets our code of ethics we would love to promote your business on our podcast. As our podcast will be broadcast on an extremely diverse range of streaming media globally this is an opportunity for business owners and freelancers alike to be promoted on a trending worldwide platform rather than simply a municipal one.

Episodes will also always be available in archives on these platforms so essentially advertisements will get continuous play every time someone listens to a podcast for years after publishing. This is one of the many advantages this distribution medium has. Since this is an initial offering to potential sponsors and advertisers there are no set prices. We are only limited by the number of 22 advertising slots in the first episode.

If you are interested in sponsoring "Wolf Talks" or advertising with us contact us via the "Advertising and Partnerships" tab or email me directly at joshua@duotroniksound.com.

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