Insun Blemel

A Knowledgeable and well-rounded musician who has been studying since 2010. Awarded the position of 2018 NMEA Jazz Allstate 1st guitarist, Insun began playing professionally in the Albuquerque/Santa Fe area about four years ago. He can play anything from Bach to Hendrix. His work is so diverse that a music lover can find a plethora of music that they can enjoy from easy listening to more upbeat selections.


He has opened for Tom Pierce (Rick Springfield Group) and he professionally builds handmade guitars and basses. To top it off he is an Eagle Scout! 


As a guitar teacher his curriculum is completely focused around helping his students achieve exactly what they want and spreading his constantly growing knowledge of the arts.

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Promenade - Forgotten Earth
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In the new single entitled "Promenade" the combined forces of Insun Blemel with singer/songwriter Courtney Kaltenbach and drummer Casey Frew create a beautiful ballad depicting the nature of love and the passage of time. 


This is the debut release for the group. This project is only the beginning in a series of releases set for the next several months. Every song is its own musical journey that transports the listener into a completely different creative space. 


This single will be Forgotten Earth's first release with Purple Wolf and we are very happy to be working with the group. Promenade is being distributed by Universal and is now available on all streaming media.

Minimal Photographic Album Cover_NOLOGO.

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Download the single free.

The band believes that art belongs to the people, therefore they have made their music available for free.


The production of quality music is an extremely time consuming task with a high overhead cost.


The band would greatly appreciate contributions to the continuation of their work. If you would like to help the band continue to create and publish their music there is a space below to help show your support. 

We also don't believe in the funny business that generally curses record labels. All donations made on this page go directly to the band leader.

See Insun's collaborative work

Insun has also done a large quantity of collaborative work and studio work with other musicians. In this area we are showcasing his collaborations from right here at home at the Launchpad Nightclub to a sidewalk cafe in Nantes, France and everything in between.

If you have any questions for Insun,  would like one of his groups to play at your event or are interested in guitar/bass lessons we would love to hear from you. There is a space below to ask any questions you may have.

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