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At Purple Wolf we have flipped the standard model of a record label putting artists first rather than our own interests.

To become an artist with our label contact us at the bottom of this page and we can set up an appointment. At your appointment we will discuss your style of music and your brand, we will also discuss whether you need fundraising help for your project.

For artists who are paying for their own projects we would like to see their press kit if they have one and discuss ways to make it more effective to the artist's brand. If an artist does not have a press kit it is necessary that we create one as part of the artist's portfolio. After this we will provide a quote that will include studio time, licensing and distribution costs. At the end of the meeting the artist will sign a standard recording contract before the project can commence.

For artists seeking financial aid options we will have a similar meeting to what is listed above but we will ask that you sign an additional contract obligating the artist to commit to the project until it is completed. If and artist decides to break contract and not complete their project all recordings and funds raised are property of the label.

Our business model allows us to have much lower overhead costs than the average record label, because of this artists take the majority of the profits. In fact artists on our label keep 90% of the profits their music generates, as opposed to the 0-5% paid to artists by other labels. We distribute music through Universal Music Group and CD Baby

Interested in working with us? Contact us with some details about yourself and your brand to get started.

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